Monday, May 25, 2009

Time Wise


I bet al of u mesti suke dgr dis wonderful, beautiful word (ok..i noe i sound like 'sum1' :P)

situasi normal holiday period:
start: im xcited, bnyk bnde nak buat..da lame x!yay!~
mid : busannyyee..ther's nuting to do, nobody's home.nak berjln2 pon tade transport..busan2!uhuk2
end : ala..nk dkt abes holiday da..malasnye nak back to classes n tgk bnyk asgnmnt.hui~

(ok..basically..this is really not base on me ok rakan2..ini adalah research sy terhadap masy. sekeliling.hehe)

so..mostly.student mcm kt mengalami sindrom mcm nih kn.
start2 sgt kat pertghn da mcm xde ape nak buat..
so..i've got a list of ideas utk korng mngisi mase lapang korng cuti2 ni..hope it helps ;)

Things to do mase Holiday:

1. Family First :)

rpat2kn hbgn femili kt smua.My ideas?Let's do work together!Like msk2 bersme..or do housework.or ajkla femili go on a picnic, n lebih baek if kt dpt buat ikt sunnah Rasulullah such as; solat berjemaah, mkn berjemaah, n try to do usrah amogs femili members.

2. Brush up ur skill guys.

haa..time cuti2 cenila..korunk leh mantapkn skill2 korng.wat klas2 memasak ke.menjht ker..for gurls la.If for boys,maybe u all blh pg amek kursus pe2..mcm klas comp ker..klas bhs arab ker.kursus kawen ok gak..hehe :p

3. Upgrade ur Iman.
i noe, mase study,mesti mase beribdt kt pon terbts, jom rkn2 kt top up blk ape yg kurg:) mase lpg time ni lah kt blh bnykkn solat2 sunat; sunat dhuha, sunat rawatib,dan bermacam2 lagi solat sunat.blh jgk kt bt qiam..n also..bnykkn hadiri majlis2 ilmu.rohani kt pn nak study jgk kn..hehe ( notes to me especially :D )

4. Healthier you.

syndrom kegemukan adlh perkre biase for universiti student.Aktiviti xcercise sgt2 mlas dibuat ketika diri bz dgn stdi,bukan?hehe..maka, cuti ini xblh mls lg..go for a walk,jogging ke, playing badminton, football ( i noe guys won't mis dis) or anythng yg blh stimulate sweat glands korng n also burn up ur fatty fats.heh..inilah masenyer we lead a healthy lifestyle!hait!

5. Hobbiit...ok.kidding..HOBBIES!yay~ is d best time untk anda2 smua membuat hobi kegemaran korunk.
like me, im now dlm mode menghabiskn smua novel n also komik2 sedunia dlm rumah ni.

6. Feeding frenzy
ok..mksdnye di sni..jom bertemu rakan2 korng yg dah lame xjmpe. cuti2 mcm nih, msti bnyk jer jemputan reunion korunk kan..pgla reunion2 tersebt.if x ade reunion, jmpe kwn2 rpt scare kecil2 lan pon sgt ok..marilah kt merapat2kn ukhwah sesama kt eit ;)

geee..nak bg my list of idea.sgt pnjg lagi kot.but these r all dat i can think of for now.
for rakan2, sharela wat's ur plan during the hols.
if no plan, tryla my ideas nih k.

Selamat Mencuba!

“Rebutlah lima keadaan sebelum datang lima keadaan yang lain, iaitu keadaan muda sebelum kedatangan waktu tuamu, keadaan sihatmu sebelum kedatangan waktu sakitmu, keadaan kaya (berada) sebelum ketibaan keadaan fakirmu, keadaan lapangmu sebelum kedatangan waktu sibukmu dan masa hidupmu sebelum tibanya kematianmu.”
[Diriwayatkan oleh al-Imam al-Hakim daripada Ibnu Abbas radiallahuanhu]

Friday, May 22, 2009

A letter to Cori

Dear Cori,

the 1st time tyra brought u home..i noe i wil heart u.
with ur big black eyes, ur white brownish fur, n ur big ears, u luk as sweet as ever :)

all of us,under 1 roof,luv u.
u put us in a smile wit ur own witty act, jumping up here and there, running around like mad, bitting all those valuable things, REALLY u're 1 of a kind.

holiday start,
i've to take care of u 4 a week since tyra wiil be away to Shah Alam.
these 3 to 4 days, u're d same hyperactive Cori i knew.
but luck was'nt always by ur side isnt it Cori?
Dodi the Vampire can smell ur freshhh veggiee meat.with his own skill, he easily open ur cage n bite u at d neck. Acting like he was a vampire who crave for blood..
i tried to save u n luckily, the bite was not too deep ( dodi's teeth were actually missing
due to his old age..heh)
u still luk strong afta dat incident.but then, days by days. ur body start to weaken.
u wont take ur foods n drinks, ur bladder r all lost control.
i'm worried sick seeing u like dis :(

dodi the vampire
i've stop to various clinic for ur treatment.i tried evrythng; Antibiotics, Tetanus, muscle relaxan, all wud not improve ur condtion.

as the night cum, im still trying to help u, giving ur medcne n spend half of d nite wit u.
but then, i cud not resist my tiredness. all i knew, i've alredi fall asleep..flying slowly to the dreamland.heh

wen i woke up, i rush to ur cage.Sadly, u cudnt cope wit al dis. ur body lies there as if u were sleeping soundly having d sweetest dream of ur life.

for Tyra; i'm sorry, for thiis is all i can do for cori, Allah loves him more.
for Cori;
we hve spend great times together, all of us will be missing u.see u in heaven.

with love;

cori in memory

dodi seeking for forgiveness

Du’a to recite when you lost something….

“Innalillah wa-inna ilaihi raji’un – Truly to Allah we belong, and truly to Him shall we return”

“Certainly, We shall test you with fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits; but give glad tidings to the patient – those who, when afflicted with calamity say, “Truly to Allah we belong, and truly to Him shall we return.” it is those who will be awarded blessings and mercy from their Lord; and it is those who are the guided ones” [2:155-157]

Whisper Whiskers

salam n welcome to "Whisper Whiskers"! (is it realy a word dat have meaning?urgh)

um..basically.the name was like tbe2..
xberkait antara hidup n mati..cume, i juz thougt it sounds nice..nice x rakan2?
n yah..whiskers analogi kepada meow2..coz im a full time cat's lover *winks*

in order to isi my mase lpg n fullfill d wish of dis 'tuan kure-kure'.hehe..i finally able to make a blog myself.
ok..not exactly..dis blog sudah lame berada di pasrn dong..
tp tuannye ini mals bangaaat mahu mengaktifknnye..hehe

so, i think this is where i'll be sharing my opinions, thoughts, experience..and not to forget..expressing my special emotions.heh. i start to wonder..
" i be able to make this blogging thingy up dated?" is a person who do less writing.more on talking, drawing, n reading..
bace blog org len lebih menyeronokkn bukan?ehe :D

anyway.. go clah go! hait! X)
Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr