Friday, November 18, 2011

18th November 2011

Its not a usual, ordinary''s not..
kanpe ye??jeng3..
bcoz a My BESTEST friend's birthday..
Azimah Azizuddin:D

HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY my dearest friend..

my wishes for you..:
- moga panjang umur n murah rezki ( hee...typical kan.but wish wajib stiap taun)
- may ur dreams come true.
- don't ever2 give up k, always work hard n do ur best no matter what!

and today specel, a wish dat's cum deep from inside me.. (mushy2 sket..guu.but bear to read it until d end eh :D)

"gmah..kt maybe dah jrng dpt contact mcm dulu..seme ade tnggjwb n chores masing2..
but please knoe, u're still d best friend i always remember.
walopun kt maybe bz trough out a day or week,
msti akan ade terlintas kat r u doing dat time.
walopun x rapat by contact, but by heart..i still believe kt rapat mcm isi n kuku..hehe..
n i noe, u're thnkng of me too..

please knoe also, dat i'm here whenever u need me,
i'm sorry bcoz kt jarang tnya khabar by msg or call, sbb mmg itu kelemahan kt as a fren,
but whenvr u feel like u want to talk to sum1, my ears are always here.juz call me or text me, whenvr u feel like too..

n last but not least,
thnks for being a fren in need and in deed tru out our school years up until now.
rindu saat2 dulu..lepak same2, mkn eskem same, blajar same2, settlekan prob msg2 same..n loads2 of sweet memories.
i'll cherish them forever...

Happy birthday again gmah! ^__^ "

P/s: this is my present for you..hope u like it...
p/s 2: n sorry being mushy2 sket..da lame x rase mood feeling sket..ehehehe
p/s 3: lastttt u loads my friend <3 <3


Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr