Friday, July 31, 2009

Setiap butir pasir..

it's like a big rock hitting me on the head..

history is repeating again..
"y asilah u nvr learn from the past??" haih..
my mistake :(

bru jap td my purse ilang sekelip mate.dis is the 2nd time of the year.
mule2 ade..then..bling! ilang tbe2..
afte lecture class terakhir..
i put my purse on the table juz in front of me.then my SSM grupmates yg duduk blkng my tmpt duduk nak discuss bout our projek. Since lecture dah abes.. ppl keep pouring out from the lecture theater scare beramai2..(agak kecoh di sini.kerna smua smgt nk blk cuti 1 week.)
disebbkn terlalu bnyk yg difikirkan dlm my head, i kind of forgotten my purse dkt meja tuh.i was too concentrate on discussing the SSM (special study modul) with my other grupmates..cume bbrpe belas minit saje sy pndng keblakang..
n then ble pusing purse??gone!! :( with all my notes yg dah berterabur kat lntai (based on wat shidah cte..coz i hve tottally forgotten of my own purse at dat time..ish3)
dah crk2 merate tmpt..still xjmpe..
n i dont want to make any pertuduhan ke ats sesiapa..bcoz i noe,it was my own carelessness yg menyebabkn bad things happen to me.

however.. for those who have founded my purse..hope blh inform kn dekat saya n pass it back eit.
or for those who maybe i thought have taken my purse by his/her own purpose.
u can take all the money in there..but do give d purse back to me eit..
kt xkesah sangat pasal duit.but i do care with all the cards in there; k/p, lesen kete, kad bank..haih.
a big BIG PLEASSSEee..i wont b angry at all :)

sgt sedey..btol sedeh.terpkse renew everythng blk..isk..
tapi selpas difikirkn..ade hikmah di sebaliknyee.
Allah mentakdirkn dat things hppen to me maybe bcoz of..:
- mungkin sy agak lalai dan terlalu bergumbira semenjak due ni
- mungkin sy jarang bersedekah, jrg memberi pd yg lain
- mungkin sy lupe n lalai pd Allah yg sentiasa mengingati hambanya
- mungkin sy telah membuat bnyk dosa..samada di dalam sedar atau pon tidak
mungkin...dan segala-galanye mungkin di sini..

macam yang kt tau..ujian adlah kifarah dose.
bile jd bende macam nih..baru kt mula ingat kat Allah balik kn??
baru kt dpt muhasabah diri dpt tgk ape yg dah tersilap.ape yg dah terlupe seme..
anyway..bende dah jadi..xleh ditangisi..isk.
must keep on moving..n learn sumthing from dis..

buat sume teman2..sedikit pesanan dari penaja:
- barangg2 berharge korunk jgelah elok2 eh..klo boleh pegang sentiasa di tgn..salu nampak.
- start ur day with a doa'.mintak dipelihara dari sbarang malapetaka..coz ape-ape pon...Allah yg merancang dan menjage kt :)
- n if sape2 yg senasib macam kt or maybe kene ujian yg lebih hebat dr nih..jgn terlalu bersedih eh..ade sbb setiap bnde terjadi...
'Pada setiap butir pasir pon ada hikmahnya kn..'
- n last but not least..jgnlah jadi seperti saya...huuu :(

'Ada sesuata perkara yang kamu tidak sukai, tetapi perkara itu sebenarnya baik untukmu, dan ada sesuatu perkara yang kamu sukai, tetapi sebenarnya perkara itu tidak baik untukmu..'

Sunday, July 5, 2009

where rainbows end :)

Written by Cecelia Ahern..She wrote this story as good as she always used to..(btw..she's the same writer for P.s I love you)
Where rainbows end is a story about this two bestest-frens-ever; Rosie and Alex.
They have been best fren from their kindergaten age until they have been old and frail n forever who knows it will be..ehe..
The story tells you about the life of Rosie and Alex..who were confused in their relationships whether it is Love or just a pure best fren feelings.
I know its seems like a typical love story...but u shud read it..
Here, i like to share some parts of the book where i like..but.. i won’t tell u d won’t be fun at all. go n have a peep at dis book after dis eit..then u'll understand..

ok..wat i likessss were:
- the way she told the story..not just by written it like a novel i've read before..but she write d story in forms of emails and instant'll be reading it like u’re stalking on others email and others secret messages..hehe..get my point eh??

- the way Rosie goes on with her life..she's though and a hardworking single mother.

- oh..and the bond of frenship between Rosie and’s a real close one you knoe.. (btw,i nvr said in Islam..its a gud thing ok..hehe..let juz emphasizes on the "friendship" itself ok..) n..i do love d endings. :D

And here is the weird part of me.. As i goes through this book...i keep on comparing with my own life with the book.well u a muslim..n the book tells u about the western lifestyle can't help to compare it with mine..

The part which are way to different from me:

- it’s weird to see Rosie's parents accepted her with a big big happy heart when they knows she will give birth to a baby..especially when she's only 18 years old (dat sounds too young for me..ehe) ok with it if the baby she get was by dis baby was illegal..hehe..u Islam we call it "zina"’s weird to see that they are happy n suppose as parents we shud teach our daughters a lesson.huh..

- womens in the western are being looked too low in their community.(from what i've read in dis booklah) Womens are being use as an entertaiment..and you can freely makes jokes on sex and bla bla bla with anybody although u've nvr meet dat person before..Different in Islam, where women are being super-protected..ehe..we have to tutup our aurah (must be betol2 tutup eit)..jage batas pergaulan...can't go there..can't do dat..sounds like soo leceh rite??but hey.. it's all for our own gud rite??it will be a long list if u want me to write the benefits of all dis..uhu ;)

- i can't see the point on wat marriage means to does'nt make a diff. u can still live in the same house and act like u r husband n wife although u're not evn married to him/her yet. Islam won't allow boy or gurl who's not ur mahram to be in a same house berdue je...or else..u'll be catch by jaip as a kesalahan for berkhalwat..rite2?mcm nih pon was a big sin..bygkn if u stayed with a man without no relationship at all for a long time..nauzubillah~

- n teenagers by the age of 16 and above 18..they wil be free to do anythng they like..parents are not allowed to get invollve at alll...woah~ gee.. however, Islamic parents knows dat their daughter and son will be their responsiblities until they died.(minus when the daughter is married to her husband k..d responsibilities wil then be put to the husband.) n oh..childrens must here their parents advice as long as it is not melannggar syarak..Nice kn. the end of this book..i felt like:
"oohh..dis story was so sweeett..n how glad n proud i am to be a full time muslim :)"

well.enuf said..nnt mcm ape lak kn..ehe.
hmm..i noe2..wat I’ve list up there..some of us,the Malaysian people (melayu Islam espclly) must hve been living like dis rite..if not living..maybe some of us has set d trends kn,..
n 1 reasons for it. bcoz we did'nt make Islam as our way of life..
let make islam as our our way of life..coz..if we all do dis..
our rainbows will all end like happily ever after..ehe (i mean in heaven insyaAllah..)
so..chop2..improve ourselves n try to be a better muslim each single day eit..better start changing then nvr..
Do think again..adios.


-btw..dis is not a book review I hope there'll be no hard feelings here..juz an opinion n a person point of view.

-oh..n sorry cecelia ahern..i do love ur writing :)

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr