Wednesday, July 25, 2012

From heart to u :)


sharing for today wud be less words from me..but more to the link givenn...hee..blh kan?
i wud like to share sumting which i read last few months ago..
it is quite significant for me sumhow..
i just feel like sharing it from my blog least.u can benefit from it too kn :)

it was from someone else writing..
but it's perfectly well dscribe wat do i feel too.. 
since im never too gud in words..huhu..
so.. i guess, its ok if i used other ppl words to discrbe me more from inside to outside..
guuu...pls give me d chance k.. :)

jom!! take ur time, buka hati sama2 baca..

-Surat 1
-Surat 2
-Doodle Hati

Done reading?
do u feel wat i feel rite now??
guu..i really love those two short letters... really reflects what i felt in "here".. (although plus minus some minor things from there)
and at the same time, it's reminds me to improve myself and "you" for even better..

sometimes we need to sacrifice something to gain HIS love kan.
so, yeah..lets make a change.
it's now or never!

P/s 1: i love Dr. Cinta Punya Blog , since it helps me a lot with my heart problems.  do read her articles k..
jazakillah ukhti for ur hardworks..may Allah give u His blessing.amin..
P/s 2: for whoever is out there..let's seek for Allah love first! Bismillah :)
P/s 3: soryy for the mushy2 artikel..hee..u can't never escaped into sumtng like dis kan.hehe :P


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