Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dodi Lorry

There was once a cat name Dodi. He is d biggest, machoest (eh?) , intelligent cats in no 24 house's ..
Dodi's hobbies is to drive d lorries..x menla kejar2 burung, panjat2 pokok.Tak cool kan Dodi?ehe
I tell u..he was trained to drive d lorry since small..
and that's make him mum's feveret!

Still can't believe d facts?look with ur own eyes..
Ripley's believe it or not..ehe (tibe2)

-sorry for d plain video, i've try to put sum music in it.but it failed..adehh.
-sorry jgk if u could'nt follow d story..dis video i've made it a long2 time ago, when maher zain concert was a hot issue!ehe..
- thnx for d plakon tambahan..Kiru!!and maru!!
- and guys, pls pray for d gud health of Dodi and all my cats, there are like family to us..ehe :D


Comelkusayang said...

alohh dodi.bakpe mu bisu je naik lori??haha..good try on the vids! can do better next time ^^;

cant get enough of dodi n frens? visit comelkusayang!

cLah said... kat sini x cntek sgt...ehe..

yes..if u want an overdose of dodi n visit comelku sayang!

Header image by sabrinaeras @ Flickr